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UntitldOur lovely new site THE SCRIPT STORE – has lots of new scripts on it. Who would have thought…
We would LOVE to hear from any writers out there who write plays for schools and youth groups and would like to share them with others in return for money. It’s an old system, but it works (mostly).
New playwrights include Alison Chaplin (Arts on the Move), Phil Tong (award-winning playwright), Georgina Gibbard (Peninsula Academy for Film & Theatre Arts), and, of course, the playwrighting Offbeat brother & sister Rob Hockley (also award-winning) and Barbara Hockley (quirky).
Take a look! You know you want to…

Flowers and Butterflies

Barbara —  April 18, 2018

Another wonderfully atmospheric photo from The New Theatre Royal Lincoln’s recent production of Alice.
This one with a magical flowerbed of talking flowers and a butterflies.
Flowers by Offbeat Theatre.

New Theatre Royal Lincoln Alice in Wonderland

More Showgirls!

Barbara —  April 18, 2018

St Michael’s Catholic College in SE16. We promised more pics and here are the lovely showgirls…

St Michael’s Catholic College Bugsy Malone

Bad Guys?

Barbara —  April 11, 2018

Just love this. Some of our Bugsy suits helping the Bad Guys feel good…
St Michael’s Catholic College in SE16. More lovely pics to come!

St Michael's Catholic College SE16

Fabulous Alice!

Barbara —  April 11, 2018

I just love this photo of the King and Queen of Hearts and OFFBEAT playing cards! We sent a few costumes over to the New Theatre Royal Lincoln for their recent (fantastic looking) production of Alice In Wonderland!

Alice in Wonderland New Theatre Royal Lincoln

For no good reason at all (apart from the fact I like this photo) here’s a lovely pic of the Ghost Hunters from a few years back. Now… on to the next one. Creepy? Or not creepy?

The Ghost Hunters Offbeat Theatre


Barbara —  December 28, 2017 — Leave a comment

CBM Theatre’s Youth Production of Bugsy Malone at the Spa Pavilion Felixstowe. Showgirls looking gorgeous…
Photo credit: Gavin King Photography

Bugsy Malone CBM Theatre

More Frog King Love

Barbara —  September 2, 2017 — Leave a comment

The review of The Frog King by Alfred Mann for the Bromyard Info Magazine (1st edition August 2017)

“Having seen Offbeat’s last production The Raven (“The Killing of Poe” – Ed), which was quite dark with lots of obscure literary references, I wondered just how Barbara Hockley would turn her wordsmith mastery to a show suitable for children of all ages.

I need not have worried for I still had a smile on my face as I walked and chatted to other happy members of the audience, making our way past the huge yellow skip and up the lane to the car park. Even the huge skip and the tree lined, narrow lane added themselves to the magic of Barbara’s immersive theatre, set within the walls of the soon to be converted St Richards school.

L-R: Hugh Farey, David Verrinder, Allan Flaxman and Mark Cox

Having been shown in to The Inn, marvelling at what a super job they had made of the ticket sales area and bar, we soon became willing participants in the play as the characters spun their story around us. Gold coins handed out with our tickets had to be paid to the storyteller before we were ushered through corridors transformed into a magical forest; our portal into the fertile imagination of the director and cast. Clues had been given for which we would need to be on the look out, with other fairy stories being woven together. Soon I was swept along with the fun and almost forgot that there wasn’t actually a fairy tale called the Frog King. Continue Reading…

At the beginning of August, Offbeat Theatre had an absolute blast performing The Frog King in Bredenbury. Our unusual location required us to convert 4 rooms and a few corridors into a magical fairytale-land – which we did over the months preceding the show. The audience moved from room to room with the action – not quite ‘immersive’, but a blurring of the lines that usually separate audience from actors. A few thoughts from our lovely audience members, including notes we encouraged people to write on the walls of the ‘Frog Inn’. More posts featuring our main review and the amazing sets we created coming up soon.

The newly transformed Frog King revealed

“The Frog King – Well… I have never seen anything like it. Totally wacky and brilliantly written. The artwork is amazing and how they all remember their lines is as mysterious as the play, written by Barbara Hockley. Do go and see it. Miss it at your peril. The Cox Team and Boz are at their brilliant best.!!!” Continue Reading…

The Wonderful Frog King!

Barbara —  August 8, 2017 — Leave a comment

Offbeat Theatre recently had a fantastic run of The Frog King – an off-the-wall, magical fairytale coming to our script shop soon! Quick photo of a few characters and a giant frog’s head! Suitable for performance by adults or youth groups. Great fun!

The Frog King Offbeat Theatre