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Favourite ‘character quotes’ from Offbeat Plays and other sources

Many people believe that to exercise your mind you need to read. Read by all means, but then you need to THINK about what you’ve read. Otherwise it’s like standing on the treadmill at the gym without turning it on….

Get into the Mind Gym!

Stand clear it could be a trap … (shouts to the letter) Come out with your hands on your address panel and speak slowly … what do you want?

A spot of madness in Perilous Tales ….

Your story clearly needs to have a sound basis in proven scientific therogs and all action must be derived from mathematical computagrams

On writing a story in ‘Fantastic Figments’

I may be a little crazy. I may dream – I even sleepwalk, but I’ve never experienced a ‘badly behaved plastic cup’ before.

From ‘The Dream Makers’ (don’t ask)

This is our ticket to the underworld, the land of the dead okay? I know this stuff. I am versed in the dark arts, steeped in the ancient lore of forgotten masters of arcane knowing. I’ve listened to every track on every album that Death Trash and Rotting Tramp ever made! Seven times. Backwards!

Dave in ‘Darkness in the Night’ by Rob Hockley

Crikey, this is adventurous stuff. Not sure I’m ready for it. Maybe I’ll try a different story. One where I’m the romantic hero and I rescue a reasonably attractive girl from her airing cupboard.

Henry gets cold feet in ‘May Contain Nuts’

And beyond that door, that obsidian portal into dusk, lies our fate, bound in unbreakable ebon bonds of black, carved in shadow and veiled in the charcoal depths of the Stygian, fathomless night.

A cupboard door of significance in ‘Darkness in the Night’

Someone let the hell hound off his chain
I don’t think that I will find him
I should have sent someone to mind him
And I’ll never find another one to train

Based on a well known song from 1968 and from the Offbeat Rock Musical ‘The Legend of Deadrock Manor’

We can do anything we want … but we have to dare to dream and believe in our dreams and follow our dreams – not just cast them aside when we wake up and go back to cleaning and performing routine maintenance tasks.

Beka on a mission to inspire in ‘The Dream Makers’

I will teach you how to master your mind, my friend. But first you need a hat…
A hat serves two purposes. Number one, it makes you look good. Two it helps to incubate all those tiny little thoughts you have. It will encourage them to grow into fat and fiery ideas that will burst out through the walls of your mind and live!

Brian de Bergerac inspires Henry in ‘May Contain Nuts’