The Frog King – early days

The next Offbeat Theatre production has been a long time coming. After the darkness that was The Killing of Poe in February 2016 we had the promise of a lighter one act play courtesy of The Space in December 2016, which we cancelled for our own inexplicable reasons. But now ... we have the emergence of THE FROG KING! Hooray! (more…)

By Barbara, ago
Ideas & Inspiration

Elegant Scene Changes – Using a Revolve

[caption id="attachment_510" align="alignleft" width="800"]IMG_1819 The set for Beauty & the Beast used 3 revolves![/caption] Confession: I HATE scene changes. That moment when everything comes to a standstill, the magic disappears, the lights go dim and people in black clothes start whoosing around the stage moving bits of the set on and off. I hate it even more if the tabs (curtains) are closed to disguise the event, cutting the audience out altogther (as if we don't know what's going on). Then, after the scene change break, it starts up again and we try to pick up the thread. I will do almost anything to avoid that scenario - I will not have scene changes if I'm directing. I will not have people in black infiltrating the production.... (more…)

By Barbara, ago
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