More Scripts appear on The Script Store (whatever next…)

Barbara —  May 2, 2018

UntitldOur lovely new site THE SCRIPT STORE – has lots of new scripts on it. Who would have thought…
We would LOVE to hear from any writers out there who write plays for schools and youth groups and would like to share them with others in return for money. It’s an old system, but it works (mostly).
New playwrights include Alison Chaplin (Arts on the Move), Phil Tong (award-winning playwright), Georgina Gibbard (Peninsula Academy for Film & Theatre Arts), and, of course, the playwrighting Offbeat brother & sister Rob Hockley (also award-winning) and Barbara Hockley (quirky).
Take a look! You know you want to…

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Writer of Offbeat plays for adults, youth theatres, schools and anyone else! Loves to write, design and direct own shows (is that greedy?)