Watch out for sneaky ghosts …

Barbara —  March 1, 2013 — 2 Comments
The Ghost sneaks up on Gerald

The Ghost sneakily sneaks up on Gerald

Gorgeous Gerald and the Ghost is short sketch (around 15 minutes) in rhyme and is one of my favourites. It can be dramatised with all the characters taking lines, it can be dramatised with one or more readers and characters acting out the tale, it can be read as a poem, told as a story, you could sing it if you wanted to. It’s part of the collection known as ‘Perilous Tales’ due the astonishing amount of peril it contains.
Gorgeous Gerald is gorgeous (as you might expect) and he knows it…

Our story begins
One fine sunny day
As Gorgeous Gerald
On his bed lay

He said “Am I not
The most gorgeous fellow
My lips are so red
My hair so yellow

My complexion is perfect
My body divine
There is no body
So gorgeously fine”

But the ghost, a poor unfortunate soul who has departed the world rather unexpectedly, is rather keen to get a new body and win back his darling wife Imelda who appears to have a suitor (just to complicate things he is a vampire & Imelda is rather keen to become immortal). He’s spotted Gerald and he likes what he sees ..

He longed to be free
Of the twilight zone
The endless wandering
Without flesh and bone

He needed a body
To becomee more alive
And thought that with Gerald’s
He could probably thrive

So, the scene is set for the sneaky ghost to devise a cunning plan to get Gerald out of his body so he can jump in. What could be easier….

Anyway, it would be rather tedious if the only thing I did here was to summarise the plot! You are most welcome to read the whole thing yourself. Why do I like it? Well, for a start it has a ghost in it and I really do love stories about anything ‘out of this world’. Could be futuristic, but I’m not likely to write anything full of complex technology, researching types of ghosts is about as technical as I get. I love reading Iain M Banks but I confess I go into a sort of ‘reading coma’ when he does his detailed accounts of technological advances – or history of civilsations, crikey life is too short even with a neural lace (it’s a ‘Culture’ thing). Just give me a good story (which he does – don’t let my inability to concentrate on complex exposition put you off!) But ghosts … I just love ghosts and dreams and anything not in the waking world.

Gorgeous Gerald comes unstuck (literally from his body) because his vanity precludes wisdom from entering into any discussions. And if vanity is being served the attention it craves commonsense is left out in the cold as well. In fact most things go out the window and you need to be careful what you think (unfortunately, thought is straight out the widow without opening it). Do you know who whispers in your ear? Is it your inner guardian – or a cunning and desperate ghost planting thoughts in your mind..

Said Gerald “My friends
I’ve just had a thought
If I jump off a cliff
I might just be caught

By the wind, for you see
The wind is my friend
And there is no danger
I cannot transcend”

Oo-er Gerald ….. Does it end badly? Of course it does – it’s perilous!

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