This is a great theatre game to get your group working together as a team and relying on each other for support!
Give everyone a number & challenge them to remember it (!) Then they walk around the space with awareness of their physical relationship to everyone else.
No talking.
No pairs.
No bumping into each other.
Just a silent contemplation of the group.

The facilitator calls out a number*

The person with that number swoons/falls (with or without noise) and the rest of the group run to his aid and support him so he doesn’t fall. Having successfully saved that person the group continues to walk and another number is called out.

*You can change what happens when the number is called, but it must result in the rest of the group rushing to their aid.


  • Your group members learn to trust each other
  • They get used to physical contact
  • They allow themselves to become vulnerable, knowing they will be ‘saved’
  • They physically relax in the presence of others


  • If some members of your group are VERY body conscious, or heavy, you may want to change what happens when the number is called to make sure the group can manage the task and no one is made to feel awkward. This is often a problem with body conscious teenagers and overweight adults. Don’t risk physical injury. DO encourage everyone to participate – change the game to suit if necessary. Don’t let them go away from the game feeling too ‘different to be part of it.
  • There are always those within the group that will test the group to its limits by walking too far outside of the space. That way when their number is called they cannot be saved as they are too far away and they fall. This has the effect of making the group look responsible for the ‘failure’. In fact it is the group member that cause the situation by refusing to be part of the group and play be the group rules. Be very clear about this to all members! It is not up to the group to be generate superhuman responses to save stray members. Each person has a responsibility to be part of the group.
  • Other than that it’s a great game and allows your group to develop physical contact and trust.



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