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Happy Zombies!

Happy Zombies!

Sometimes called ‘Paranoia’ (and possibly other things), but we prefer the Zombies tag. Some games are just designed to get you physically moving, laughing and engaged with your fellow actors. This game has the added bonus of requiring that you know everyone’s name.

So, a good game to play if the group needs to get acquainted and if they are feeling a little lethargic at the beginning of a rehearsal. Instead of actual names you could use character names as well – that gets them thinking!

How to play
Choose a zombie to start. They cannot run (zombies always stagger with outstretched arms – everyone knows that), but they can walk pretty fast. The zombie starts heading to an unsuspecting victim and one touch from the zombie and you’re dead (or out – same thing really). You could work some theatrical deaths in though – that always goes down well. Before the zombie reaches you, you can save yourself by either getting out the way (doesn’t always work) OR shouting out someone else’s name. That person then becomes the zombie and the orginal zombie is released from the terrible zombie curse. People usually get caught out at this changeover moment. You think you’re safe, but then the pursued person calls out the name of the person standing next to you! Yikes! And so it goes on. Simple but fun and everyone gets moving! If you panic and can’t remember a name chances are the zombie will get you …..

Towards the end it gets very difficult to catch anyone, so you can always bring in extra rules. No running at all, smaller area to work in, pursued people can only hop – that sort of thing.

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