About as silly as you can get. And sometimes a bit dark...

Many plays have been created by Offbeat Theatre sibling writers Barbara Hockley and Rob Hockley. They don’t write together (perish the thought), but the force of inherited surreal nonsense is strong  in these two. And they don’t muck about when it comes to surreal nonsense. Which, I believe, is the correct way to process surreal nonsense – without mucking about.

Plays by Rob Hockley

Rob’s plays have won awards both for Rob, (War and Cake won Highly Commended in the 2014 Trinity International Playwriting Competition), and for youth companies entering One Act competitions. They are great for one act competitions (did I mention that?). VERY quirky and EXTREMELY funny. 
Written for small – medium groups of teenagers. Exploding Dad is a sketch, the others are one act plays (great for competitions).

Plays by Barbara Hockley

Barbara has written a lot of plays – not all are available to buy or perform due to an inability to ‘sort them out’ for publishing. There’s always some ‘sorting out’ to do, but luckily these lot are pretty much sorted. And they have been performed many times. It’s encouraging to know that so any other theatre companies love the crazy stuff. And they do. 
Some are full length, some one act and others are shorts.

Musicals by Barbara Hockley and Greg Swinford

We do musicals as well. There’s no stopping us. Ok, we’ve written (Greg composes) two. Possibly three (when it’s ‘sorted’). The wonderful daftness of SPY SCHOOL is brilliant for Year 6+ (written for a Leavers Gala) and Alice in Wonderland is … well… famous nonsense set to pretty fab music.