I love directing. I love the whole process from the very beginning when the ideas start to arrive to the final performance. Everything that comes in-between is exciting, challenging and hugely enjoyable. If you’re starting down this road and need a hand – or maybe you just fancy reading someone else’s ideas, I hope my ‘Offbeat Directing’ series will prove useful. Personally, I never stop learning – there is always more!

These are the Offbeat Directing posts so far ..

Offbeat Directing 1: The Vision Quest
It starts with a play (or a performance idea), loads of unrestricted ideas and (importantly) the start of some organisation.
Offbeat Directing 2: Understanding the Script
Not a step to take lightly! Get inside your play.
Offbeat Directing 3: Dreaming and Planning
Set your goals and reach for the stars!
Offbeat Directing 4: What Does the Director Do?
What is it exactly that the director should be doing? Maybe it’s not that obvious..
Offbeat Directing 5: Trial by Audition
Surviving the audition process. Dos and don’ts.
Offbeat Directing 6: The First Awkward Read Through
Surviving the first meeting of your cast and making it enjoyable for all!
Offbeat Directing 7a: Who Does What?
Crew? SM? Producer? Prompt? ASM? Who (in theory) is responsible for what.
Offbeat Directing 7b: Early Rehearsals and Cunning Plans
Getting started isn’t as easy as you’d think. A good plan is essential for a relaxed process.
Offbeat Directing 7c: Your Design Team
Working with your designers (assuming you have some..)
Offbeat Directing 7d: Infrastructure!
A useful checklist of ‘other things’ that need to happen to get your show on the stage (with an audience).
Offbeat Directing 8: The Comfort Zone
How to start getting yourself and your cast to stretch up and out of the comfortable places
Offbeat Directing 9: Populating the Stage
What exactly do you really need on stage?

Early rehearsals for Beauty & the Beast - Getting out the comfort zone!

Early rehearsals for Beauty & the Beast – Getting out the comfort zone!

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