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These are the current Offbeat Plays. All photos by Jim Rolt except Beauty and the Beast photo by Tom Flathers.

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IMG_6592-300x200Beauty and the Beast by Barbara Hockley
I love this fantastic story and I wanted to tell it, but I really didn’t want to ‘dumb it down’ and litter it with the latest pop songs in an attempt to win an audience. I wanted to tell the story with beautiful music and bucketloads of romance. It needed humour without being ridiculous (never though I would hear myself saying that!) So that’s what I did and it worked.

dreammakersThe Dream Makers by Barbara Hockley
Dreams .. What if there was a team of actors creating your every dream. What if you could be on that team. This play follows our heroine Beka as against the odds she tries to leave her old life behind and become a ‘dream actor’. The play involves lots of great dreams that allow for just about any kind of artistic interpretation, but also tackles themes of ‘moving on’ and ‘friendship’.


newnutsMay Contain Nuts by Barbara Hockley
Ok … now we’re getting really silly. Henry likes to write stories. He likes to stay within the boundaries of a safe storyline – preferably with some sort of minor domestic crisis to solve and nothing more. But then the day arrives when his imagination runs away with him .. and then there are pirates, Shakespeare, vampires, dangerous dark woods, talking statues and adventure!

forrob2Seeing Things by Rob Hockley
Adolescent secrets, sexual fear, lies, hauntings, mistrust and repression. Fun stuff. A life-changing afternoon in the day of Brian; a teenage Boy who honestly believes he can see ghosts when he goes to his happy place. Terrified, he hatches a brilliant, scientific experiment to prove the existence of the afterlife by snogging. You really have to read this. Brilliant.

gerald3Perilous Tales by Barbara Hockley
Tales that are .. perilous? More? Ok … 4 sketches (can be played separately as sketches as well) linked together to provide 4 cautionary tales. From the ghost who wants to secure himself a gorgeous body so he can live again to the obsessive game-playing Molly and Ed Grimble who end up in gaming hell (be very careful where you buy your games). These are completely mad, inventive tales that you can have endless fun and creativity with.

show18Darkness in the Night by Rob Hockley
A fast farce for four teenagers. Dark abandoned house minimum set (as creepy as you like) this witty and manic play follows the antics of 2 girls and 2 lads who both go to the same abandonded creepy house for completely different reasons (at least one involves trying to enter the Underworld by emplying the power of an egg whisk and a few incantations). I can’t tell you more, go to the main site and have a read!


cathyeliottGorgeous Gerald and the Ghost
I LOVE this sketch. Twisted and strange, mad, silly, funny and in rhyme (hope that didn’t put you off!) Sometimes writing is just sooo much fun. I also like ghosts, and this ghost is on a serious mission to get into a groovy body again so he can live and win back the heart of his darling Imelda .. who is in serious danger of being seduced by a vampire.

pt13Sibyl and Cedric’s Tale
Have you ever met these folk? They feel so scared of losing the things they cherish that they hide away, stay put, don’t do anything … try and keep really really still so life will just pass by and all the wonderful things they have will just stay as they are, never changing, always with them. It doesn’t work.

pt15Loki’s Lament
A monster! A well and truly spoiled princess who only has to point to receive. But then she realises that some people have songs inside them .. stories, pathways and songs for them alone .. and she wants one. Badly. The one that should be hers by right. Her own song. Now. A rather sad tale but one that spoiled princesses should take note of.

game1The Grimble’s Last Game
Can’t stop playing games online? Be afraid … Ed and Molly Grimble play computer games all the time. They do little else. But when they buy a new one from the mysterious Zed they get more than they bargained for. This sketch even has different levels for you to play, you get to dance, combat apathy … loads of good stuff

CIMG2335Fantastic Figments
Lex is trying to get her homework done. She has to write a story, preferably before dinner .Actually Lex really isn’t that bothered but her two invisible guardians are. But where does inpsiration come from? Involves lots of colourful characters, dreamscape potential, running around like crazy, daft ideas and as many props as you wish. Stunt teddy bears are a must.


Three characters bemoan the fact that their friend runs around while they prefer a more leisurely approach to life. Speed, they argue can be very dangerous … In rhyme. You can get this one FREE from the main site. How good are we? Answer … very good indeed, but we would love you to test the sketches!


pt21Fairy Wings
Ever wanted to borrow your sister’s fairy wings so you can go to a party? Of course you have. Bet she said no. In around 15 minutes this 2-hander tackles a potentially devastating situation and finds a solution. Well, sort of…. Another freebie from us lovely Offbeat folk. PS. The pic is nothing to do with the sketch – just had fairy wings in it.

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