An online store that sells scripts!

We specialise in scripts for youth theatres and schools and we make it easy for you to buy everything you need in one go – script, performing rights, backing tracks, scores and anything else you might need.

Anyone can put their scripts on The Script Store to sell on. We aren’t publishers – you don’t need to go through a process of submitting your plays for approval. It’s really easy…

Why do we do this?

After years of running a youth theatre and writing and directing many plays I (personally) have a lot of material to share. I’ve been successfully self-publishing through Offbeat Theatre and became aware that others were either doing the same or would like to, but didn’t have the know-how. So, The Script Store was created to act as a marketplace for other writers as well. There are a few of us on board now – please check us out!


You are a WRITER of plays for YOUNG PEOPLE looking to sell your work

You are a DIRECTOR, LEADER, TEACHER or PRODUCER and would like to browse the plays and musicals we have available

Good luck!