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More Showgirls!

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St Michael’s Catholic College in SE16. We promised more pics and here are the lovely showgirls…

St Michael’s Catholic College Bugsy Malone

Bad Guys?

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Just love this. Some of our Bugsy suits helping the Bad Guys feel good…
St Michael’s Catholic College in SE16. More lovely pics to come!

St Michael's Catholic College SE16


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CBM Theatre’s Youth Production of Bugsy Malone at the Spa Pavilion Felixstowe. Showgirls looking gorgeous…
Photo credit: Gavin King Photography

Bugsy Malone CBM Theatre

Splurged and Pied!

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The Castaway Theatre Youth Group in Yeovil have just finished their fantastic run of Bugsy Malone! Some amazing photos emerged – I just LOVE this one. Bad Guys indeed! Splurged and pied…

Castaways in Bugsyland

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The Castaway Theatre Group in Yeovil are just starting their run of Bugsy Malone! Good luck castaways and we look forward to more of your wonderful photos! Thursday 22nd – Saturday 24th June.

More pics from Bugsy you don’t usually get to see! A lovely ‘waitress moment’ as Bugsy and Blousey make plans.
This from the Conquest Youth Theatre’s (Bromyard) production in 2009. Wonderful daydreaming expression – one I employ myself from time to time…

Bugsy Malone Conquest Youth Theatre

A few costumes from one of our hires! We supply lots of flapper style dresses in each hire that can be dressed up (for evening / glam look) or down (day dress) as you like! Some dresses lean towards glam and a few are most definitely more useful for the showgirls’ day dresses in the scene where they’re leaving Fat Sam’s place. Lots more photos on the gallery pages.

Offbeat Theatre costumes for Bugsy Malone

As we stagger towards a short Bugsy break at Easter, I thought I’d pick a photo that isn’t of gangsters or showgirls! In mid song is Cagey Joe, with Leroy in front. Makes a change! I particularly like the ‘boxer’ exercising in the background and the thoughtful expression as Leroy wonders whether he can make it as a boxer. This production was at the Conquest Theatre, Bromyard in 2009…

Cagey Joe and Leroy in Bugsy Malone

Splurge Madness

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This is a fantastic finale shot from St Edmunds School in Canterbury! We supplied some guns and as many costumes as we could to help out. Even if we get booked up we still have spare costumes we can gather together for you. I just love the silly string caught on camera, plus the more ‘whooshy’ splurge firing out of the guns! Fab shot.

St Edmunds School Canterbury

Bad Guys?

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This great shot of singing and dancing Hoods is from the recent production of Bugsy Malone by Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School in Rochester. We weren’t able to supply the school with many costumes or guns, but we helped out where we could from our ‘spare’ stock! I’m loving the glimpse of set we get here … looks atmospheric (I like a moody, atmospheric set).

Hoods from Bugsy Malone