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Fantastic publicity shot from the recent Bugsy Malone production by Festival Productions at the National Concert Hall in Dublin. I just love the determined and serious attention these hoods are giving – the car’s pretty good as well! Also loving the moustaches … a fine complement to our costumes (but alas, not our guns – we can’t ship them overseas, however small the sea may be).

Bugsy Malone Festival Productions Dublin

These expressions say it all! Fabulous faces from the actors playing Bugsy Malone and Blousey Brown. Another fine photo from Victoria College, St Helier Jersey’s recent production.
Picture courtesy of TONY PIKE.

Bugsy Malone at Victoria College Jersey

Beautiful Showgirls!

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This fab pic is from the recent production of Bugsy Malone by the pupils of Victoria College, St Helier in Jersey. The girls are showing off some of our costumes in wonderful theatrical fashion. That set looks pretty fine as well.
Picture courtesy of TONY PIKE.

Bugsy Malone showgirls

A Pyramid of Hoods…

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Another fine Bugsy Malone photo – this time it’s St Clere’s School in Essex demonstrating how to create a precarious situation during a song and dance routine. Wish I’d seen this bit – would love to know what happened next!

We’re busy sending boxes of costumes to Dublin for this production by Festival Productions at the National Concert Hall in Dublin, December 27th to January 3rd. They’ve promised more pics, but the publicity photoshoot looks fantastic! If you’re in Dublin after Christmas … you know where to go.
Photo (C)

There are a few things I really like about this. Firstly, it’s a great set – a really great set. Secondly the lighting is atmospheric and makes the set look even better. Thirdly, it’s crazy and messy – as all final scenes of Bugsy should be! Love it – Alleyn’s Junior School in Dulwich getting it right!

Moody gangster shot!

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I absolutely love this wonderfully moody shot of a few Hoods from York Musical’s production of Bugsy Malone.
Treasured photos indeed! I have more than a few myself, but this is special.

Knuckles gets it in the face!

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Dangerous stuff this splurging business! Well timed photo courtesy of the RSA Academy in Tipton.
Seriously though, it might sting your eyes. So, bravely aimed Knuckles!

Well aimed Knuckles!

I’ve just had a great time sorting through all the Bugsy photos and 1920s style photos that I collected when we did our own production of Bugsy Malone a few years back. We had so much fun doing that show. In fact, there’s nothing like a musical with a live band, dancing, singing, a great set and glitzy costumes to really create that amazing feelgood factor you get in theatre. I think we had a 9-piece band, a fantastic set (see the board!), a great choreographer, excellent singers and .. I had a brilliant time directing. I do remember that when it came to sorting out the costumes though we ran into problems. I asked locally (we had a large drama store serving the county with costumes for youth groups and schools), and they politely refused to costume the show (that really took me by surprise). Splurge, of course, is the problem! No one wants their costumes splurged and how can you do Bugsy without the mess? I looked around online and yes, there were places that would supply costumes but they were WAY out of my budget and comfort zone. We had a big cast – of course we did, you can’t do the show without! Also, I wanted really good costumes – boas, beads, sequins, glamour, fringed dresses – everything! The choeographer went to the West End to see Chicago and came back with large ostrich feather fans on the agenda. So, we decided that Offbeat Theatre (run by myself & my partner Jim), would costume the show … (yes that did include large ostrich feather fans) and Jim would make the splurge guns that Offbeat would finance. So, over the months that folowed we made costumes and bought 1920s style everything I could find on Ebay! Well, to be honest I didn’t actually make any costumes – I’m not safe with a pattern and a pairs of scissors, but I knew someone who could and did. In the end we had a huge amount of costumes and an enormous bill that we carefully ignored until it was all over. We had a tearful standing ovation (me and the choreographer – we were the tearful ones) on the last night and then it was all over. Continue Reading…

This is the final part of Bugsy Malone – the bit where they kids get really messy! We put this show on in 2009 and afterwards we ended up with a whole heap of costumes and splurge guns. So .. we decided to hire them out to a local school to use in their production soon after ours. Now, a few years on, we have 3 sets of costumes and 3 sets of guns and we hire them out to schools and groups all over the UK & Europe. We do get enquiries from as faraway as the US & Australia, but sadly the time and cost of transporting everything makes it a tad expensive!