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Flowers and Butterflies

Barbara —  April 18, 2018 — Leave a comment

Another wonderfully atmospheric photo from The New Theatre Royal Lincoln’s recent production of Alice.
This one with a magical flowerbed of talking flowers and a butterflies.
Flowers by Offbeat Theatre.

New Theatre Royal Lincoln Alice in Wonderland

Fabulous Alice!

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I just love this photo our the King and Queen of Hearts and OFFBEAT playing cards! We sent a few costumes over to the New Theatre Royal Lincoln for their recent (fantastic looking) production of Alice In Wonderland!

Alice in Wonderland New Theatre Royal Lincoln

A few costumes from one of our hires! We supply lots of flapper style dresses in each hire that can be dressed up (for evening / glam look) or down (day dress) as you like! Some dresses lean towards glam and a few are most definitely more useful for the showgirls’ day dresses in the scene where they’re leaving Fat Sam’s place. Lots more photos on the gallery pages.

Offbeat Theatre costumes for Bugsy Malone

Loving the lighting!

Barbara —  March 11, 2017 — Leave a comment

In this version of ‘Alice’The Tweedles & Alice end up on a boat. This is a beautifully lit photo – clocks looking like stars. Fantastic. Love it. Retford Youth Theatre. Costumes by Offbeat.

Retford Youth Theatre, Alice in Wonderland

The Offbeat ‘Alice’ costumes have had an outing! Retford Youth Theatre have been performing a version of ‘Alice’ (there are many) and from the few photos I’ve seen so far, it looks pretty amazing. Great set, moody lighting & I’m so chuffed that our costumes have added to the magic they have created. Well done all – this is one of the photos and I’m guessing a game of croquet has just been played …

This is more like it! We did a production of Beauty and the Beast a few years back and I created/assembled steampunk costumes for the musicians, stage crew and narrator/singer (pictured). About to create a whole lot more for a steampunk Alice in Wonderland costume hire. Watch this space…

One of the things we do at Offbeat HQ is make costumes and props. We usually start with a production of our own and then, if there’s a demand, we hire them out! After a production of Alice’s Adventures last year, we decided to make some of the costumes available. Tigerlily, Violet and Rose are 3 of the Talking Flowers in the ‘Looking Glass’ part of Alice and these are the ‘mark II’ costumes (yes I did airbrush the mannequin’s arms out). A production, featuring these and other Offbeat costumes, will be taking place at Retford Little Theatre in a couple of weeks… (can’t wait for production photos).

We recently helped to costume a production of Romeo and Juliet for Bourne End Academy in Bucks. This looks like a suitably sombre, atmospheric shot of the final scene to me. The 20s style is so elegant and instantly associated with parties (of the rich) and gangsters. Good choice for Romeo and Juliet – we also do a ‘Punk Elizabethan’ there’s a thought!

Offbeat Theatre costumes for Romeo and Juliet

Moody gangster shot!

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I absolutely love this wonderfully moody shot of a few Hoods from York Musical’s production of Bugsy Malone.
Treasured photos indeed! I have more than a few myself, but this is special.

Which is just as well as it’s booked out in February!
A sneak preview of some of the costumes that made it onto the stage last year in a lovely production by St Richard’s School, Bredenbury.

Alice and the Red Queen

You can see more wonderfulness on the Offbeat Wonderland page