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Your story clearly needs to have a sound basis in proven scientific therogs and all action must be derived from mathematical computagrams

On writing a story in ‘Fantastic Figments’

I may be a little crazy. I may dream – I even sleepwalk, but I’ve never experienced a ‘badly behaved plastic cup’ before.

From ‘The Dream Makers’ (don’t ask)

My favourite dream - flying! So beautiful to recreate on stage

My favourite dream – flying! So beautiful to recreate on stage

You know when you wake up and you’ve just had the most amazing dream. You’ll never forget it! Until, of course, a few minutes later when it’s completely slipped away and no matter how hard you try you can’t get it back. So you try to keep a dream diary, but half the time you don’t write your dream down (the pen doesn’t work/isn’t there at the right time and/or a cup of tea/coffee/more sleep beckons….) When you do write your dream down you’re really not sure where to go with it next? One of those generic online/in-book interpretations maybe? Then what? Analyse it, understand the message (there’s a message?), use it as material for your next piece of creative writing (ummm, maybe). Dreams are strange and slippery things, maybe we should wake up and bask in them before they leave us, just absorb some of the dreamy fabric of the night and not try to hold on too tightly. And maybe, whilst basking, you could use this strange dreamworld to inspire a stage production? I did, it was fantastic fun – let me share a bit of the journey. Continue Reading…

More from Shakespeare Day! This time we leave the land of Macbeth and, back in the real world, tempers are running high. Are the lads about to fight … Romeo and Juliet anyone?

MUSIC CREDIT: Medusa* by Kevin MacLeod (

*Thanks to the anonymous person who reminded me of the title!

A few years ago we made a film called ‘Shakespeare Day’. A group of people chance upon an event called (spookily) ‘Shakespeare Day’. On entering and playing around with the plastic props and cheesey costumes they start to merge with scenes from Shakespeare (oo-err) depending on their real life situations (the couple who fancy each other end up playing out scenes from Romeo & Juliet for example). So scenes from Shakespeare are linked with the scenes of the group enjoying the outdoor event and we filmed these without sound & put them to the wonderful music of Kevin Macleod from – a fantastic resource of music to accompany films, videos and live performance.
In this clip two of the group emerge from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ scene to find that one of the lads (who obviously fancies himself as a Shakespearean King) is leading the group in a Tai Chi sequence based on famous lines from various plays … see if you can guess what they are!

MUSIC CREDIT: Ghostpocalypse – 8 Epilog by Kevin MacLeod (

I’ve mentioned this particular sketch before (see Watch Out For Sneaky Ghosts..) It’s definitely a favourite! But now you can read the whole thing and see for yourselves.
I love these flipping books!
If you go to the main website you can read lots of stuff….. Continue Reading…

Beauty & the Beast, February 2013 Conquest Theatre, Bromyard

Beauty & the Beast, February 2013 Conquest Theatre, Bromyard

At the end of Act I Beauty had chosen to go to the Beast’s castle and live to save her Father from the Beast’s cruel punishment for stealing a rose from his garden. This iconic photograph by Tom Flathers shows Beauty lamenting her fate and the Beast unseen behind her. What you can’t see in the photo is that the Beast has just picked up the rose that Beauty discarded and is himself pondering on the fate that has brought them together ….

We can do anything we want … but we have to dare to dream and believe in our dreams and follow our dreams – not just cast them aside when we wake up and go back to cleaning and performing routine maintenance tasks.

Beka on a mission to inspire in ‘The Dream Makers’

I will teach you how to master your mind, my friend. But first you need a hat…
A hat serves two purposes. Number one, it makes you look good. Two it helps to incubate all those tiny little thoughts you have. It will encourage them to grow into fat and fiery ideas that will burst out through the walls of your mind and live!

Brian de Bergerac inspires Henry in ‘May Contain Nuts’

This is the opening scene of Beauty and the Beast. We started with the backstory (the bit about the Prince being turned into a Beast) – I hate it when you get to the end of a show and there’s a long explanation of how everything came to be, how awful it’s all been and how glad they all are that the spell has been broken etc …..