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Yet more Darkness

Barbara —  April 27, 2017 — Leave a comment

The winner of the talking sandwich prize for the most performed play from the Offbeat vaults has to be Rob Hockley’s Darkness in the Night, which is no surprise really. This moody and dark shot (shades of ‘Queen’), is from the students of Hereford 6th Form College, performing on Friday 28th April. Good luck! See you there…

Darkness in the Night

As we stagger towards a short Bugsy break at Easter, I thought I’d pick a photo that isn’t of gangsters or showgirls! In mid song is Cagey Joe, with Leroy in front. Makes a change! I particularly like the ‘boxer’ exercising in the background and the thoughtful expression as Leroy wonders whether he can make it as a boxer. This production was at the Conquest Theatre, Bromyard in 2009…

Cagey Joe and Leroy in Bugsy Malone

Splurge Madness

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This is a fantastic finale shot from St Edmunds School in Canterbury! We supplied some guns and as many costumes as we could to help out. Even if we get booked up we still have spare costumes we can gather together for you. I just love the silly string caught on camera, plus the more ‘whooshy’ splurge firing out of the guns! Fab shot.

St Edmunds School Canterbury

Loving the lighting!

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In this version of ‘Alice’The Tweedles & Alice end up on a boat. This is a beautifully lit photo – clocks looking like stars. Fantastic. Love it. Retford Youth Theatre. Costumes by Offbeat.

Retford Youth Theatre, Alice in Wonderland

The Offbeat ‘Alice’ costumes have had an outing! Retford Youth Theatre have been performing a version of ‘Alice’ (there are many) and from the few photos I’ve seen so far, it looks pretty amazing. Great set, moody lighting & I’m so chuffed that our costumes have added to the magic they have created. Well done all – this is one of the photos and I’m guessing a game of croquet has just been played …

A Moody Shot

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Just looking through a few photos for steampunk costume pics and I found this fantastically moody shot from our Beauty and the Beast production a few years back. We did use steampunk costumes in that show, but not for the Beast (Joshua Herriott on the right with cool dreadlocks) or Mr Richman (Mark Cox cringing on the left with a stolen rose) .. so I’ll keep looking then…
Photo by Tom Flathers.

Beauty and the Beast script Offbeat Theatre

Bad Guys?

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This great shot of singing and dancing Hoods is from the recent production of Bugsy Malone by Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School in Rochester. We weren’t able to supply the school with many costumes or guns, but we helped out where we could from our ‘spare’ stock! I’m loving the glimpse of set we get here … looks atmospheric (I like a moody, atmospheric set).

Hoods from Bugsy Malone


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Fantastic publicity shot from the recent Bugsy Malone production by Festival Productions at the National Concert Hall in Dublin. I just love the determined and serious attention these hoods are giving – the car’s pretty good as well! Also loving the moustaches … a fine complement to our costumes (but alas, not our guns – we can’t ship them overseas, however small the sea may be).

Bugsy Malone Festival Productions Dublin

We recently helped to costume a production of Romeo and Juliet for Bourne End Academy in Bucks. This looks like a suitably sombre, atmospheric shot of the final scene to me. The 20s style is so elegant and instantly associated with parties (of the rich) and gangsters. Good choice for Romeo and Juliet – we also do a ‘Punk Elizabethan’ there’s a thought!

Offbeat Theatre costumes for Romeo and Juliet

These expressions say it all! Fabulous faces from the actors playing Bugsy Malone and Blousey Brown. Another fine photo from Victoria College, St Helier Jersey’s recent production.
Picture courtesy of TONY PIKE.

Bugsy Malone at Victoria College Jersey