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We are really pleased that our silly, funny and super cool spy musical Spy School – the Seventh Department is having a few outings around the country this July. Written as a Leavers Gala production for 10 year olds – but, honestly, I’d be happy to be in it and I’m not 10! Simple staging, great songs, large cast of spies – could it get any better? Go and have a quick browse and a listen…

Spy School Offbeat Theatre Musical for Schools

SPY SCHOOL is a one act musical – runs 50-60 minutes. Just right for the end of year production for your 10 – 13 year olds (ok, I know a few bigger kids who would love spy school as well!). It was written for a Year 6 Leaver’s Gala originally, but don’t let that stop you performing it whenever you wish!
Our favourite comment from a teacher? “Wow! Our big problem now is how to follow it!”
It’s funny, clever, silly, amazingly good fun, has many wonderful parts – mostly with silly names and the music is fantastic (even if we say so ourselves). From the big Bondesque opening number ‘Spies’, to the heartbreakingly beautiful ‘In Too Deep’ it just rocks. We supply backing tracks and practise tracks with guide vocals.
You can read more about it, listen to demos of the songs, download a preview of the first part and get more info on the SPY SCHOOL PAGE!

Guess What’s Next ..

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Can't wait for the tea party bit ..

Can’t wait for the tea party bit ..

Alice’s Adventures Under Ground (to steal Lewis Carroll’s original title for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland).
Really can’t wait for this to get going, but Offbeat performances not until 2016.
The adaptation is by Barbara (me) with music (yes – it’s a musical!) by Greg Swinford. Snippets and things coming up as soon as we’re ready. The premiere will be at Rugby School (where Charles Dodgson, aka Lewis Carroll, went to school from 1846 – 1849) at the end of June. Dates will appear as soon as we have confirmation. This will, of course, be a Rugby School production, not an Offbeat one. Luckily, the Musical Director will be composer Greg Swinford!
Needless to say, I’ve started designing – the Offbeat production will be staged promenade style with about 6 different locations, indoor and outside. Heaps to do to make this really magical and I’ll be enlisting the help of many creative and wonderful people before we even start to rehearse.
Interested? Local to Bromyard? Do let me know!

Spy School is Here!

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Spy School is a new one act BIG musical show for 9 – 12 year olds that has been penned by myself with music composed by Greg Swinford. I’ve just started rehearsing it with a group of Year 6 children for their Leavers Gala in July. We’re having fun ….
So, characters?
Ok, you asked.
It tells the story of the rather exciting first morning a group of new recruits experience on their first day at ‘Spy School. They meet the boss, (Code Name ‘Father Christmas’), Number 2, (Code Name ‘Easter Bunny’), the mysterious tea & snacks person ‘Snax’ and the 6 departments and their agents;
Department of Geeky Gadgets: Agents Gizmo, Gubbins and Gimmick
Department of Cool Posing: Agents Prairie Dog, Penguin and Peacock
Department of Sneaking-like-a-Sheep: Agents Prowls-like-a-Pigeon, Creeps-like-a-Crab, and Lurks-like-a-Lizard
Department of Cunning Disguises: Agents Garbo, Wiglet and Fancy
Department for the Prevention of Alien Species Taking of the World: Agents Eeep, Burrp and Zigzig
Department of The Cookie Crumbles at Noon: Agents The Jelly has Set, The Toast has Landed and The Teapot is in the Nest

So .. you can probably see just how very serious this show is.

Spy School is AVAILABLE for everyone and comes with backing tracks so you don’t need to worry about creating the music. We’ll post some music soon so you can have a listen and enjoy the silly lyrics with the fabulous music.
The plot is based on the overexcited Rookies (Code Names Bogbean, Foxglove and Milkweed – you’ll see why) who offer to go on any mission at all to prove just how good they are. They are challenged to find the ‘Seventh Department’ by noon.

Songs include ‘SPIES’ the Bondesque opening/closing number
PIE IN THE SKY – training exercise song for the Rookies to totally fail to get the hang of
IN TOO DEEP – The Rookies lowest moment when they realise they overstepped the mark
SNAX RAP – the enigmatic Snax tries to give the Rookies a few clues
GUARDING THE CLUES – The Agents attempt to make the mission even more difficult by not letting the Rookies get to the clues

Contact us if you’re interested. Details will be available on the Offbeat Main site soon!

I may be a little crazy. I may dream – I even sleepwalk, but I’ve never experienced a ‘badly behaved plastic cup’ before.

From ‘The Dream Makers’ (don’t ask)

My favourite dream - flying! So beautiful to recreate on stage

My favourite dream – flying! So beautiful to recreate on stage

You know when you wake up and you’ve just had the most amazing dream. You’ll never forget it! Until, of course, a few minutes later when it’s completely slipped away and no matter how hard you try you can’t get it back. So you try to keep a dream diary, but half the time you don’t write your dream down (the pen doesn’t work/isn’t there at the right time and/or a cup of tea/coffee/more sleep beckons….) When you do write your dream down you’re really not sure where to go with it next? One of those generic online/in-book interpretations maybe? Then what? Analyse it, understand the message (there’s a message?), use it as material for your next piece of creative writing (ummm, maybe). Dreams are strange and slippery things, maybe we should wake up and bask in them before they leave us, just absorb some of the dreamy fabric of the night and not try to hold on too tightly. And maybe, whilst basking, you could use this strange dreamworld to inspire a stage production? I did, it was fantastic fun – let me share a bit of the journey. Continue Reading…

This is the final part of Bugsy Malone – the bit where they kids get really messy! We put this show on in 2009 and afterwards we ended up with a whole heap of costumes and splurge guns. So .. we decided to hire them out to a local school to use in their production soon after ours. Now, a few years on, we have 3 sets of costumes and 3 sets of guns and we hire them out to schools and groups all over the UK & Europe. We do get enquiries from as faraway as the US & Australia, but sadly the time and cost of transporting everything makes it a tad expensive!

We can do anything we want … but we have to dare to dream and believe in our dreams and follow our dreams – not just cast them aside when we wake up and go back to cleaning and performing routine maintenance tasks.

Beka on a mission to inspire in ‘The Dream Makers’