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Alice’s Adventures Under Ground (to steal Lewis Carroll’s original title for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland). Really can’t wait for this to get going, but Offbeat performances not until 2016. The adaptation is by Barbara (me) Read more…

By Teapot Alice, ago

How to get your dreams on the stage!

[caption id="attachment_227" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]My favourite dream - flying! So beautiful to recreate on stage My favourite dream - flying! So beautiful to recreate on stage[/caption] You know when you wake up and you've just had the most amazing dream. You'll never forget it! Until, of course, a few minutes later when it's completely slipped away and no matter how hard you try you can't get it back. So you try to keep a dream diary, but half the time you don't write your dream down (the pen doesn't work/isn't there at the right time and/or a cup of tea/coffee/more sleep beckons....) When you do write your dream down you're really not sure where to go with it next? One of those generic online/in-book interpretations maybe? Then what? Analyse it, understand the message (there's a message?), use it as material for your next piece of creative writing (ummm, maybe). Dreams are strange and slippery things, maybe we should wake up and bask in them before they leave us, just absorb some of the dreamy fabric of the night and not try to hold on too tightly. And maybe, whilst basking, you could use this strange dreamworld to inspire a stage production? I did, it was fantastic fun - let me share a bit of the journey. (more…)

By Barbara, ago
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