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We are really pleased that our silly, funny and super cool spy musical Spy School – the Seventh Department is having a few outings around the country this July. Written as a Leavers Gala production for 10 year olds – but, honestly, I’d be happy to be in it and I’m not 10! Simple staging, great songs, large cast of spies – could it get any better? Go and have a quick browse and a listen…

Spy School Offbeat Theatre Musical for Schools

SPY SCHOOL is a one act musical – runs 50-60 minutes. Just right for the end of year production for your 10 – 13 year olds (ok, I know a few bigger kids who would love spy school as well!). It was written for a Year 6 Leaver’s Gala originally, but don’t let that stop you performing it whenever you wish!
Our favourite comment from a teacher? “Wow! Our big problem now is how to follow it!”
It’s funny, clever, silly, amazingly good fun, has many wonderful parts – mostly with silly names and the music is fantastic (even if we say so ourselves). From the big Bondesque opening number ‘Spies’, to the heartbreakingly beautiful ‘In Too Deep’ it just rocks. We supply backing tracks and practise tracks with guide vocals.
You can read more about it, listen to demos of the songs, download a preview of the first part and get more info on the SPY SCHOOL PAGE!

Spies and Cool Music

Barbara —  July 18, 2015 — Leave a comment

This week, among many other things, we have been going a little bit crazy about SPY SCHOOL our fab musical for 9-11 year olds. We’ve been getting songs on Soundcloud and plays on Treepress (see link below). Artwork has been pouring in from Emma and our Bugsy hire business has gone into orbit. All of this makes for a super busy week and many excellent excuses (sorry, ‘reasons’) not to finish of the end of year accounts (yuck).

Click on the Soundcloud thing and you can listen to music whilst reading…. what more could you want? Words by me and music by Greg Swinford. If you lisen to the tracks on soundcloud you’ll hear the voice of Greg pretending to be a host of 10 year old spies! More info on our Offbeat Plays site soon – or on Treepress (link below).

Spy School is a comedy musical for children. So far, so good. Orginally written for a Year 6 (age 10-11) Leavers Gala, but great for slightly younger or older groups. It has heaps of larger-than-life parts (mostly spies) and four BIG musical numbers as well as a rap number for a solo character.
The plot concerns three Rookie Spies arriving at Spy School on their first day of training. For absolutely no good reason at all, one of them spontaneously announces to the assembled Spies, and worse, Head of Spy School, that they are ready to show their worth by completing a mission on their first day. After a brief (and fairly silly) training session they are absolutely totally unprepared to discover the whereabouts of the mysterious ‘Seventh Department’ (their assigned ‘mission’) by noon. From this point on it really does get a little bonkers. The kids absolutely loved it – even the ones that had to perform the parts of ‘Agent Prowls-like-a-pigeon’, or Agent Lurks-like-a-Lizard’ from the Department of ‘Sneaking-like-a-sheep’. Actually, I know they had heaps of fun, I was there. The gadget prizes went to the Agents in the ‘Department of Geeky Gadgets’ and Agents ‘The Jelly Has Set’ and ‘The Toast Has Landed’ were a couple of my favourites (from the ‘Department of The Cookie Crumbles at Noon’). Most of the characters had names like that! If I’m honest, making up the names of the characters was almost my favourite bit of the whole process.


A screenshot of the new Treepress showing the SPY SCHOOL page!

A screenshot of the new Treepress showing the SPY SCHOOL page!

TREEPRESS is a brand new initiative and we love them. Currently they are setting up a really great website to market plays to schools and youth groups. I have been regularly searching the UK for a publisher of youth/schoolplays without luck for ages! Treepress don’t act as ‘publishers’ exactly, but they are acting as a dedicated marketplace and that’s the next best thing I reckon. So do whizz over there and have a look!
You’ll find a few Offbeat plays on there (and more to come) – including the musical for 9 – 11 year olds – SPY SCHOOL.

Spy School is Here!

Barbara —  June 3, 2014 — 2 Comments

Spy School is a new one act BIG musical show for 9 – 12 year olds that has been penned by myself with music composed by Greg Swinford. I’ve just started rehearsing it with a group of Year 6 children for their Leavers Gala in July. We’re having fun ….
So, characters?
Ok, you asked.
It tells the story of the rather exciting first morning a group of new recruits experience on their first day at ‘Spy School. They meet the boss, (Code Name ‘Father Christmas’), Number 2, (Code Name ‘Easter Bunny’), the mysterious tea & snacks person ‘Snax’ and the 6 departments and their agents;
Department of Geeky Gadgets: Agents Gizmo, Gubbins and Gimmick
Department of Cool Posing: Agents Prairie Dog, Penguin and Peacock
Department of Sneaking-like-a-Sheep: Agents Prowls-like-a-Pigeon, Creeps-like-a-Crab, and Lurks-like-a-Lizard
Department of Cunning Disguises: Agents Garbo, Wiglet and Fancy
Department for the Prevention of Alien Species Taking of the World: Agents Eeep, Burrp and Zigzig
Department of The Cookie Crumbles at Noon: Agents The Jelly has Set, The Toast has Landed and The Teapot is in the Nest

So .. you can probably see just how very serious this show is.

Spy School is AVAILABLE for everyone and comes with backing tracks so you don’t need to worry about creating the music. We’ll post some music soon so you can have a listen and enjoy the silly lyrics with the fabulous music.
The plot is based on the overexcited Rookies (Code Names Bogbean, Foxglove and Milkweed – you’ll see why) who offer to go on any mission at all to prove just how good they are. They are challenged to find the ‘Seventh Department’ by noon.

Songs include ‘SPIES’ the Bondesque opening/closing number
PIE IN THE SKY – training exercise song for the Rookies to totally fail to get the hang of
IN TOO DEEP – The Rookies lowest moment when they realise they overstepped the mark
SNAX RAP – the enigmatic Snax tries to give the Rookies a few clues
GUARDING THE CLUES – The Agents attempt to make the mission even more difficult by not letting the Rookies get to the clues

Contact us if you’re interested. Details will be available on the Offbeat Main site soon!