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A Moody Shot

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Just looking through a few photos for steampunk costume pics and I found this fantastically moody shot from our Beauty and the Beast production a few years back. We did use steampunk costumes in that show, but not for the Beast (Joshua Herriott on the right with cool dreadlocks) or Mr Richman (Mark Cox cringing on the left with a stolen rose) .. so I’ll keep looking then…
Photo by Tom Flathers.

Beauty and the Beast script Offbeat Theatre

This is Tom’s Introduction to his cunning plan to make a video diary of the production we’re just starting to go alongsise all his photos. Sam Collins is in the hot seat this time! I can see I have a few things to live up to here!

Somebody should paint that stage …..

I’m just starting to work on Terry Pratchett’s ‘Maskerade’ and photographer Tom Flathers has decided to make video diaries of the process as well as taking his usual great photos! This one of me answering Tom’s questions on a bare stage with some groovy lighting…. Purple and orange go so well together..

Oddly (but not unusual in films) Part 1 is being filmed tomorrow!

Tom is one of the most committed and talented individuals I have had the pleasure of working with in recent years. His passion for photography is boundless.

Mentor of Tom Flathers (and we agree)

Introduction: This week we have a Guest Blogger. Tom Flathers is a fantastic photographer with an essential skill for your theatre production – he takes great photographs! We all know how important it is to have photographs that ‘capture the moment’ on stage. Not only good for publicity, but a wonderful addition to your archives and memories. Barbara

Afrovibes performing 'Thirst' at the Drum Theatre

Afrovibes performing ‘Thirst’ at the Drum Theatre

I have been photographing theatre since September 2012 and have now worked on a number of productions. My favorite without a shadow of a doubt is the 5 months I spent documenting the rehearsals of Beauty and the Beast which was performed at the Conquest Theatre in February. I have also worked on numerous productions for the Drum Theatre in Birmingham.

Theatre has always been really prevalent in my life as I regularly go and see plays. However, my photographic career began in sports rather than theatre. I worked as a sports photographer from the age of 17 and photographed some amazing events such as the Barclays Premier League and Wimbledon.

I used to shoot sport 5 times a week and I was mentored by some incredible photographers. This strong background in photography is the reason I have moved across to theatre photography very smoothly. I have learnt to be very disciplined as a sports photographer and it’s this approach that I bring to theatre and it seems to be serving me well. Continue Reading…

Beauty & the Beast, February 2013 Conquest Theatre, Bromyard

Beauty & the Beast, February 2013 Conquest Theatre, Bromyard

At the end of Act I Beauty had chosen to go to the Beast’s castle and live to save her Father from the Beast’s cruel punishment for stealing a rose from his garden. This iconic photograph by Tom Flathers shows Beauty lamenting her fate and the Beast unseen behind her. What you can’t see in the photo is that the Beast has just picked up the rose that Beauty discarded and is himself pondering on the fate that has brought them together ….

Beauty – photo by Tom Flathers

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Our lovely Beauty from the Offfbeat play ‘Beauty and the Beast’