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Now there's a challenge!

Now there’s a challenge!

You remember the days when you used to play ‘make-believe’? Ok, some of us don’t actually stop doing that, but I’m talking about a time when you could be immersed in a game and it became almost real for you. I remember playing in the woods and in my mind the place was inhabited with all sorts of mythical creatures and beasts that became a part of my story. It was magical. You could go for ages getting wrapped up in your own wonderful world. In theatre I try to recreate some of the potential in that sort of creativity with theatre games. I started, some years ago, running longer games and improvisation sessions with my youth group. We could run a game for hours and not get bored or run out of ideas. It’s brilliant to see people constantly creating a new world, spontaneously responding to situations and relationships with others without breaking character. I have a few ‘event’ type games that I’ll post up over the next few weeks, but this one is played in a similar way and is very engaging to take part in and to watch! Continue Reading…