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Stand clear it could be a trap … (shouts to the letter) Come out with your hands on your address panel and speak slowly … what do you want?

A spot of madness in Perilous Tales ….

Your story clearly needs to have a sound basis in proven scientific therogs and all action must be derived from mathematical computagrams

On writing a story in ‘Fantastic Figments’

Expect ghosts AND vampires in Perilous Tales

Expect ghosts AND vampires in Perilous Tales – and a spot of dancing

Shortly – well, as soon as I figure out the technicalities involved – I’m going to publish my series of ‘completely mad cautionary tales’ on Kindle. Perilous Tales (as they are collectively known) will be coming to your kindle soon, illustrated by a really good, as yet secret, illustrator and tugging relentlessly away at your sleeve wanting to be performed (they do like to be performed). They are being performed in Canada this month and I was delighted when the director phoned me (having carefully checked that it wasn’t the middle of the night here) to say that he’d been looking for something a little ‘different’ (not sure that was the word he used … moving on) and was so glad he’d come across the Offbeat plays. I was so pleased! If anyone ever phones and says ‘I’m glad I found your plays they’re so middle of the road‘ I shall stop immediately and get help. Or just stop. Maybe have a small drink.

I’m quite excited about this. I just need to get through the ‘getting your book ready to be published on Kindle section’ and after I’ve spent days on that bit it will only take 5 minutes to do (or so it says in the ‘How to publish your book on Kindle’ section). So … let me tell you about the perils in Perilous Tales …. Continue Reading…

I’ve mentioned this particular sketch before (see Watch Out For Sneaky Ghosts..) It’s definitely a favourite! But now you can read the whole thing and see for yourselves.
I love these flipping books!
If you go to the main website you can read lots of stuff….. Continue Reading…

This is my new toy! This is one of my free sketches and you can read it here before you whizz over to the Offbeat site and download the script HERE for use with your group. All free. Happy Easter ….
PS. If you click it will open in full screen – but don’t worry, at least you’ll be able to read it – AND download it!

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Speed is FREE!

Barbara —  March 22, 2013 — Leave a comment

paro_Al_sliding_on_a_banana_skinAt Offbeat we like the idea that you can try a few things out without having to splash out on a script to get a feel for what we produce here – and this particular sketch is free. That means you can pop along to the main site, find your way to the ‘free stuff’ page and download it for free. Or just click here FREE SKETCHES!

The snippet below gives you a taste of how it’s constructed (yes, it’s in rhyme …) and you’ll need at least 4 people to act it out. It requires a lot of imagination to make it look funny and you can do all kinds of exciting things with a banana skin one the one hand and people being rooted to the ground on the other. Anyway, it’s free so you have nothing to lose!

Friend 1:
We will tell you a tale
Of haste, speed and flying
Of banana skins
That result in one dying

Friend 2:
It is a sad tale
But please take heart
It may save your life
And that sets it apart

Friend 3:
From stories of evil
Or horror without goal
And the whole thing starts
With us out for a stroll Continue Reading…