The Frog King - performances in August 2017

The Show

The Frog King is an Offbeat adventure in Fairytale-land. It's a madcap romp, a tale of many tales and a strange and unusual theatrical experience! With four different 'stages' the audience is invited to follow the actors as they set off to explore the land of fairy tales and put right the chaos caused by one rogue storyteller.
It is written and directed by Barbara Hockley
With: Hugh Farey, Mark Cox, Alison Stobart, Allan Flaxman, Sally Handley, Sue Cox, Caitlin Cox and David Verrider as The Frog King!


If you've been to an Offbeat show before you'll know that a bit of a clue with regard to the plot is always helpful (snigger). Sometimes we're not entirely sure what's going on ourselves, but this time we have a pretty good idea...
Chester Ulysses Wordsmith is a bit of a rogue storyteller. In fact he's so bad at getting the details correct, that the whole of Fairytale-land is getting mixed up, shook up and generally confused. Grand Inquisitor Bardman (Storytelling 'police' if you like), has been sent to track him down and try and put things right. It all hinges around the story of the Frog Prince - a story Wordsmith told with disastrous results. They have no choice, they must enter Fairytale-land and put things right. But it's a perilous place...
There. I hope that helps.
More? Really? Ok ... In fairytale-land you need to beware of several things. There are rules. No falling in love at first sight, no opening doors, don't touch anything, beware of spells, enchantments, monsters, witches - and, of course, there's 'Fairytale-land sickness'. A perilous place, like I said.

When, who and Where?

Children over 7 and up to whatever age you like are invited to join us!
No tickets on the door - only pre-booked seats as we can only take 30 people per performance.
Thursday 3rd August @ 7pm
Friday 4th August @ 7pm
Saturday 5th August & 3pm & 7pm
Sunday 6th August @ 3pm
10 / 7 (conc) / 5 (7-11)

Please contact us for TICKETS!