Offbeat Costume and Props Hire Shop Window. Have a mooch..

We've been putting on shows for years now and some costumes and props just seem to stick around.
So, we hire them out and then we collect more! So far we have a very busy Bugsy Hire business and we can offer sets of splurge guns and costumes as a economical package deal. It's SO popular you need to book ahead.
We now have our Alice in Wonderland hire together after two (or is it three?) successful adaptations (one musical and one with or without of varying lengths). We have Alice costumes, playing cards, a caterpillar part-puppet-part-costume, the Mock Turtle, Dormouse, Hatter, March Hare, Duchess, Kings, Queens, Knights plus various other costumes from Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. We can also do a STEAMPUNK Alice in Wonderland - pics coming in 2017.
We've had loads of success hiring out that really difficult to find shotgun from Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf. Ours looks great on stage and fires flowers.
We also have a set of costumes for James and the Giant Peach; assorted Steampunk Costumes and the rare, but lovely, Punk Elizabethan costumes - pics to come. The odd Gothic dress or strange creation may also figure on our Oddities and Strangeness page - coming in 2017.
Hope you find what you need! Feel free to contact us if you need some help (or would like to see pics of things promised for a later date).

Costume and gun hire Bugsy Malone
Costume hire for Alice in Wonderland
The shotgun from Virginia Woolf
James and the Giant Peach costumes
Steampunk and Punk Elizabethan
Strange and wonderful costumes