Offbeat Plays - Quirky, unusual and excellent fun!

Looking for a play that's a bit different? Bit off-the-wall, quirky, surreal and generally jolly good fun?
Well, at Offbeat Theatre, that's what we tend to produce!
The plays below are some of the titles we have on offer and the links will take you to the relevant page on our dedicated 'scripts for youth theatres and schools site' - The Script Store - Darkness in the Night is a small cast adventure into the Underworld and has served well in one act competitions and festivals; May Contain Nuts! is a crazy, pirate fuelled exploration of the imagination of a would-be writer; War and Cake tackles the relationship issues facing teenagers, but in a rather surprising manner; Perilous Tales speak for themselves really .. dark, twisted tales involving great peril; Alice's Adventures Under Ground is a one act musical based on Wonderland (we have other versions as well!); Seeing Things is another relationship tackling sort of play, but in an extremely surprising manner; The Dream Makers is a full length fantasy-dream play about the dream industry and friendship; Spy School is THE Year 6 Leavers Gala musical (with SPIES), but do perform it whenever you like; Purple Kangaroos is a look at what happens when too many people try to inspire you creatively.
What they all have in common is a quirky craziness that kids of all ages just love. They are all tried and tested.
All links take you to our dedicated plays site where you can download previews, listen to music and buy things!

Darkness in the Night
May Contain Nuts
War and Cake
Perilous Tales
Alice's Adventures Under Ground
Seeing Things
The Dream Makers
Spy School
Purple Kangaroos