Fantastic Costumes for Alice in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass

  • Three identical Alice dresses available
  • One size fits all caterpillar puppet body
  • The Frog Footman, the Duchess and the Fish Footman
  • The Mock Turtle plus close up of shell
  • Tweedledum and Tweedledum - pad them out for a rounded look!
  • Violet, Tigerlily and Rose (3 Daisies available as well)
  • The Red Queen - long and sleek (can be altered to fit)
  • Cards! We have 21 of these for the Croquet Game and Court Scenes
  • The Red Knight and the White Knight fight for Alice
  • Knight headgear up close
  • A Rose Painter, A Queen and a Guard
Alice in Wonderland Costumes
The Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Alice in Wonderland costumes
Humpty Dumpty scarily high up on a wall

The Alice Hire

Whatever 'Alice' script you have hold of right now, you can be certain that some characters will just have to be in it. Offbeat Theatre has two adaptations to date - one is a one act or two act musical set in Wonderland, the other a two act play with or without music that covers the Wonderland characters AND some of the Looking Glass folk. Please feel free to look at our scripts and take advantage of the 'package price' we offer for costume hire with script and performing rights. However, you might find that the version you're looking at includes characters from one, or both, of the books. You can choose the costumes you would like based on your requirements and sizes available.

So, here is a quick list of some of the characters we can supply costumes for. You can, of course, just hire the costumes without our script - we really don't mind! Contact us for the full list with measurements etc.

Alice in Wonderland

For some of these characters we also have STEAMPUNK options for costumes

ALICE: Obviously ... We have 3 Alice dresses made for girls aged 11 - 13. A 4th now available (size 12).
CATERPILLAR: You can hire a 'puppet' part that makes up the caterpillar body and sits on top of a mushroom attached to the upper part of the actor (who stands behind, legs unseen).
THE DUCHESS: Purples, blues and reds, with a suitably royal silver trim. Various under/over dresses and a robe.
THE CHESHIRE CAT: Trousers and a jacket adorned with faux fur and trim.
MAD HATTER: Hat, jacket, trousers, waistcoat and stock
MARCH HARE: Robe, trousers, waistcoat and hat (with ears)
DORMOUSE: Jacket, trousers, hat (with ears), scarf
PLAYING CARDS: We have 21 of these, including Three, Five and Seven (of Spades) who are painting the roses.
QUEEN OF HEARTS: Playing card costumes and red cloak.
KING OF HEARTS: Playing Card costume ond cloak.
KNAVE OF HEARTS: Playing Card costume.
MOCK TURTLE: We have a lovely purple and green 'shell' that you wear like a backpack! Other matching items.
SOLDIERS: These are also Playing Cards.
Other items include Beanies/Hats for Soldiers and other Playing Card characters, a selection of Top Hats, Cloaks and assorted accessories

Alice Through the Looking Glass

TWEEDLEDEE and TWEEDLEDUM: We have a couple of matching outfits (see pic). You just need to add the padding if you want them to be 'rotund'.
THE RED QUEEN: Not the Queen of Hearts, but the red queen from the chess game that Looking Glass is based on. We have a lovely long red dress and cloak.
THE RED KING: A tabard, belt and cloak in red velvet.
THE WHITE QUEEN: A lovely white dress and shawl.
THE WHITE KING: A tabard, belt and a cloak in white velvet.
ALL THE KINGS HORSES AND ALL THE KINGS MEN: White tabards (lots of them) and white beanies. These represent the white pawns and horses from the chess game.
RED KNIGHT: Red tabard and crested helmet
WHITE KNIGHT: White tabard and crested helmet
THE TALKING FLOWERS: Black tabards (with leaves), flower headdresses and gloves. Rose, Violet, Tiger-lily and 3 Daisies.
Other accessories also available.

Hire Info and a few terms

The Cost

Please enquire - most hires of this nature are bespoke hires and each one will have a different price tag. We are very reasonable though!