THAT GUN from Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf Gun
A realistic looking gun that fires flowers!
Virginia Woolf Gun
The gun on tour

Who's Afraid of Virgina Woolf

A rather specialised gun is required for this play! We made one that fires flowers ... Looks very real and has produced many gasps in performance! It does not make a loud 'bang' and before you ask, it won't fire flags, umbrellas or anything else you had in mind. Just flowers. That's it. But it really does look great! It's made of wood and plastic and is extremely easy to use.

Efficient, friendly service and prop hired was of high quality
David Green, Open Space Theatre, Harleston

COST: We charge £35 per week plus £35 delivery/pickup. A deposit of £50 is also required (returned to you on safe receipt of gun) - sorry UK MAINLAND HIRES ONLY (classed as an 'imitation gun' and couriers are unable to ship it outside of the UK, even to the bits of the UK that are separated from the mainland by water and require ferries to get them across. I know, silly isn't it). We do hire this gun out several times a year, so please book it way in advance if you want to make sure ..

Just to let you know that so far the gun has been a resounding success....I am sure lots of other Companies would welcome such a fine piece of engineering. Most have had to make do with bang flags and other rather inferior things, so I was delighted to find you!"
Jenny Hobson, Director, Sewell Barn Theatre, Norwich.