Costume Sale

The ‘we’re all mad here’ bonkers giveaway…

Made to last, quirky and (we hope) jolly useful…

– 21 Playing Cards + accessories SOLD
– Alice x 2
– Talking Flowers SOLD
– Mad Hatter jacket

– Grasshopper SOLD
– Ladybird

Crazy Giveaways to date:

2 x stiff black underskirts – long
2 x short petticoats 50s style

If you are interested in anything at all, please contact us using the form below.
Delivery may be added – talk to us and we’ll give you a price.
Bear in mind you can hire costumes out yourselves – get a return on your investment!


Black underskirts – £7 for postage

These are made from very stiff netting and are great if you want you dress to have a lot of body!
There are a few tears here and there.
Cost of postage only – £7 should cover it!
You can have one or both – price will be the same.

Two 50s style petticoats £5 for postage

Purple and red petticoats.
Medium-ish size.


21 Playing Cards – £180 including accessories PROBABLY SOLD

The PLAYING CARDS are white quilted TABARDS lined in black felt.
They are each 47cm wide x 73cm long (not including straps).
It’s a one-size-fits-all, but different height cards actually looks rather good.
They have straps at the top & ties at the side.
They are fairly substantial (as you can see above) and maintain their shape well.
I would suggest black leggings, pumps & long sleeved top for a great ‘cartoon’ look.
Use accessories to make the Diamonds very glam and rich.
Use Cloaks, Crowns & any other headgear you can to dress up the ‘royals’ and create status.

Queen of Hearts + Red Velvet CLOAK
King of Hearts + Red Velvet CLOAK
Jack (Knave) of Hearts
4 of Hearts
Queen of Diamonds
Jack of Diamonds
8 of Diamonds
2 of Spades + black beanie (painting the roses)
5 of Spades + black beanie (painting the roses)
7 of Spades + black beanie (painting the roses)
Queen of Spades
10 of Spades
9 of Spades
King of Clubs
Ace of Clubs
2 of Clubs + helmet beanie (guard)
3 of Clubs + helmet beanie (guard)
4 of Clubs + helmet beanie (guard)
5 of Clubs + helmet beanie (guard)
6 of Clubs + helmet beanie (guard)
7 of Clubs + helmet beanie (guard)

Card character suggestions

4 of Hearts: Member of the Royal Heart Family – Guest at Croquet Match / Courtroom.
Queen, Jack & 8 of Diamonds: Guests at the Croquet Match, Jurors or Onlookers in the Courtroom.
2, 5 & 7 Spades: The Gardeners. You could also use them in the Courtroom Scene.
Queen, 10 & 9 Spades: Guests at the Croquet Match, Jurors or Onlookers in the Courtroom.
King & Ace of Clubs: Guests at the Croquet Match, Jurors or Onlookers in the Courtroom.
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7 Clubs: Soldiers and Guards wherever needed.

Alice Dresses £20

We have 2 Alice dresses left
They are pale blue and suitable for younger performers – handmade NOW £20 each

Cotton. All with pockets.
Aprons are sewn on to the dress to avoid undoing in performance!
1. Chest 80cm/31″; Waist 76cm/30″; Length (shoulder to bottom of lace) 102cm/40″
2. Chest 84cm/33″; Waist 76cm/30″; Length (shoulder to bottom of lace) 100cm/39″

The Talking Flowers – 6 in total £80 SOLD

Daisies x 3
The HEAD DRESSES are created from an existing head dress (the sort you wear at Rugby matches I believe…), but with a LOT of added felt, lace, trim and fabric paint.
The TABARDs are black felt with appliqued stems and leaves + fabric paint.
The all come with gloves so you can wave you hands around and pretend they’re leaves.
They are designed to be worn over black long sleeved tops & leggings. Plant in a flowerbed and apply light and all you see are stems, leaves and lovely flowers. At least that’s the theory. As a planting guide, I would put daisies at the front with taller flowers behind – but that’s just me.

Mad Hatter Jacket & Hat – £45

A beautiful handmade frock coat for the maddest of them all.
A thick velvety/cord material, fully lined in gold. Trim and hand covered buttons.
The hat is fairly standard fare, but with matching trim. You can further adorn as you wish.
Just the jacket & hat included.
Chest 92cm/36″

Grasshopper Jacket & Trousers – £20 SOLD

Handmade for a production of James & the Giant Peach.
Green satin with copper & gold netting & odd material sewn on. Padded collar.
The jacket is lined, the trousers are not (but the pockets are real!)
Trousers: 28″ / 70cm waist & 28″ / 70cm IL.
Jacket: 36″ / 90cm chest.

Ladybird jacket, head dress and bag – £15

A beautiful ladybird bargain…
Based on a 1920s cocoon coat (so very roomy) to give a nice ladybird shape.
Polyester satin. Lined in black.
Comes with a black turban & a matching bag.
Looks great with black leggings & black long sleeved top under.
In very good condition, but the lining might need a stitch here & there.
It is approximately a size 14, but is a very loose fit and would be fine on size 12-16.

Crazy Hat! Yours for £10

This is what happens when you leave an old bowler lying around the workshop in close proximity to a pile of felt, some feathers, a few buttons, odd trimmings, braid and glue…
It’s an old bowler – the crown was damaged and its days on stage looked to be at an end.
But – who knows what might happen next?
Average sort of size 56cm

Punk Elizabethan collection – £15 for everything incl. delivery. GONE

These are pretty much FREE as £15 will mostly (entirely?) go on delivery!
We created them years ago for a production of ‘After Juliet’ (I think the play mentioned the idea of a ‘punk Elizabethan’ dream sequence and I loved the concept and designed all the costumes around it). They have been hired out a dew times and have paid their dues – so happy to let them go for the cost of delivery…
The fabric that is stitched on has raw edges (it was the look we wanted) and has had a few trims over the years.
Some are adorned with safety pins.
I think they still have some life left.
3 x red waistcoats (32 – 36″ chest)
2 x green waistcoats (32″ chest)
Waistcoat & wrap around skirt (34-36″ chest & adustable skirt)
Long jackets x 2 (34″ and 40″ chest)

The Prince Jacket – £5 delivery GONE

Created for the prince in a version of Beauty & the Beast.
38″ chest

Disco 3 piece! £7 delivery GONE

This has been on stage – but not very much!
It’s small – about 32″ chest and a 28″ waist.
The zips need sorting out – they’re a bit stiff with age (may need replacing – but I’m not much good with zips)
Just fabulous!

Long multi-coloured coat – £5 delivery GONE

This long coat has been through many transformations.
The latest saw it being used as the ‘March Hare’s smoking jacket! Suitably mad.
No buttons. 36″ chest approx.

A few ‘punky’ things – £7 delivery GONE

Used for all manner of things. The last one being a rather punky Peter Pan!
The jacket has been dyed green (ish) and has all sorts of things attached to it. It’s about a 38″ chest.
The tops are small – large, but mostly around 34 – 36″.
There is an extra black mesh vest not pictured.

Steampunk – £10 delivery without hat £15 with GONE

Created for Beauty & the Beast (I know … they were narrators & musicians)
These are the ones that are left. Mainly because someone was let loose with a copper coloured fabric pen!
They are still pretty fab and look great on stage.
Blouse – Small (approx 30″)
Waistcoat Size 12
Basque Size 10/12
Bloomers S/M & M/L
Skirt 30″ waist
The hat is a bit battered (and very ‘busy’) and the glue shows in places – but great on stage!