Costume Sale

Offbeat are still selling costumes.
Made to last, quirky and (we hope) jolly useful…

– 21 Playing Cards
– Alice x 5
– White Rabbit SOLD
– Caterpillar SOLD
– Duchess
– Frog & Fish Footmen SOLD
– Talking Flowers
– Mad Hatter
– Dormouse SOLD
– March Hare SOLD
– Tweedledum & Tweedledee
– Red & White Knights SOLD
– Red King & Red Queen SOLD
– All the King’s Horses & all the King’s Men SOLD
– The Mock Turtle SOLD

Coming up – but do enquire if interested
JAMES & THE GIANT PEACH – various items

If you are interested in anything at all, please contact us using the form below – or on our CONTACT page.
Delivery may be added – talk to us and we’ll give you a price.
We’ll be adding things from time to time, so do call back.
Prices reflect the fact that we invest a lot in creating our costumes so they can be hired out over many years. If you are primarily looking to costume one show, you will need to plan for selling on, or hiring out yourselves afterwards (on that note, we once sold our ‘giant peach’ set to a school and they continued to hire it out after their show and made extra cash for the drama department).


Please note; I have a lot more costumes for Alice that can be included – accessories/cloaks… I’ll let you know what else might go with your costumes on application.

Our lovely Alice costumes are first to go…

21 Playing Cards – £250 including accessories

The PLAYING CARDS are white quilted TABARDS lined in black felt.
They are each 47cm wide x 73cm long (not including straps).
It’s a one-size-fits-all, but different height cards actually looks rather good.
They have straps at the top & ties at the side.
They are fairly substantial (as you can see above) and maintain their shape well.
I would suggest black leggings, pumps & long sleeved top for a great ‘cartoon’ look.
Use accessories to make the Diamonds very glam and rich.
Use Cloaks, Crowns & any other headgear you can to dress up the ‘royals’ and create status.
Each card is LESS THAN £12! Bargain… But sold as a job lot.

Queen of Hearts + Red Velvet CLOAK
King of Hearts + Red Velvet CLOAK
Jack (Knave) of Hearts
4 of Hearts
Queen of Diamonds
Jack of Diamonds
8 of Diamonds
2 of Spades + black beanie (painting the roses)
5 of Spades + black beanie (painting the roses)
7 of Spades + black beanie (painting the roses)
Queen of Spades
10 of Spades
9 of Spades
King of Clubs
Ace of Clubs
2 of Clubs + helmet beanie (guard)
3 of Clubs + helmet beanie (guard)
4 of Clubs + helmet beanie (guard)
5 of Clubs + helmet beanie (guard)
6 of Clubs + helmet beanie (guard)
7 of Clubs + helmet beanie (guard)

Card character suggestions

4 of Hearts: Member of the Royal Heart Family – Guest at Croquet Match / Courtroom.
Queen, Jack & 8 of Diamonds: Guests at the Croquet Match, Jurors or Onlookers in the Courtroom.
2, 5 & 7 Spades: The Gardeners. You could also use them in the Courtroom Scene.
Queen, 10 & 9 Spades: Guests at the Croquet Match, Jurors or Onlookers in the Courtroom.
King & Ace of Clubs: Guests at the Croquet Match, Jurors or Onlookers in the Courtroom.
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7 Clubs: Soldiers and Guards wherever needed.

Alice Dresses from £35

We have 5 Alice dresses of different sizes.
3 are a pale blue suitable for younger performers – handmade £50 each
2 are a darker blue and are adapted Laura Ashley dresses in a 12 and 14. £35 each

Cotton. All with pockets.
Aprons are sewn on to the dress to avoid undoing in performance!
1. Chest 76cm/30″; Waist 62cm/24″; Length (shoulder to bottom of lace) 96cm/38″
2. Chest 80cm/31″; Waist 76cm/30″; Length (shoulder to bottom of lace) 102cm/40″
3. Chest 84cm/33″; Waist 76cm/30″; Length (shoulder to bottom of lace) 100cm/39″

These dresses are much longer and are Laura Ashley + apron
They are 100% cotton and have a faint pattern .
The aprons are attached to the dress at the front.
Size 12 has a pocket. Size 14 No pocket.
1. Size 12. Chest approx 90cm/35″; Waist 76cm/30″; Length 124cm/49″
2. Size 14. Chest approx 96cm/38″; Waist 84cm/33″; Length 124cm/49″

The White Rabbit – £50 – SOLD

A variety of costume pieces for the white Rabbit
We had an almost ‘Elizabethan/Regency/generic fantasy’ look for ours – suited the Court scene at the end very well.
We don’t supply the shirt, but we can offer:
White lace jabot
Red long waistcoat with added hearts (one is a pocket) Chest: 96cm/38″
2 pairs of black velvet knee breeches Waist: 84cm/33″ and 76cm/30″
Black velvet cloak
Black velvet hat with ears to match the look
OR a trilby with ears – should you go the ‘country gentleman’ costume route.
AND a conductor’s hat with ears if you have that bit in your script!
There are white gloves as well (a bit worn now…)

The Caterpillar – £40 – SOLD

Another interesting challenge…
For this I created a person-sized caterpillar body that attaches to the actor via a waistcoat. The actor (in my version) does not walk around, but stands behind the large mushroom with the puppet body curled up. So, actor seem from waist up only + puppet body.
My caterpillar was a bit hippy – turban and dangly earrings (blowing bubbles). It can be adapted to any waistcoat you like – it just pins on. But arrives with a nice green one and a few hippy hats.
Stuffing not included!

The Duchess – £55

I love this costume…
It’s created from an existing dress with all sorts of layers added.
Best worn with a thin long sleeved top (not included) as the dress is sleeveless.
Chest: 90cm/35″ + added stretch at the back! You can get a bit more ‘chest’ in this dress if you want to play her a bit larger!
The head dress is quite elaborate.
The silver trim is actually knitted.
Dress / over dress / head dress

The Fish & Frog Footmen £40 for both – SOLD

This was a challenge… (seen here with the Duchess)
Shiny sequins for tabards and belts (padding not included!)
And…head dresses. Utilising everything I could think of. Including a ‘fish hat’.

The Talking Flowers – 6 in total £180

Daisies x 3
The HEAD DRESSES are created from an existing head dress (the sort you wear at Rugby matches I believe…), but with a LOT of added felt, lace, trim and fabric paint.
The TABARDs are black felt with appliqued stems and leaves + fabric paint.
The all come with gloves so you can wave you hands around and pretend they’re leaves.
They are designed to be worn over black long sleeved tops & leggings. Plant in a flowerbed and apply light and all you see are stems, leaves and lovely flowers. At least that’s the theory. As a planting guide, I would put daisies at the front with taller flowers behind – but that’s just me.

Mad Hatter Jacket & Hat – £75

A beautiful handmade frock coat for the maddest of them all.
A thick velvety/cord material, fully lined in gold. Trim and hand covered buttons.
The hat is fairly standard fare, but with matching trim. You can further adorn as you wish.
Just the jacket & hat included.
Chest 92cm/36″

The Dormouse – £40 – SOLD

For the sleepy Dormouse it had to be a fleecy costume. A lot of fleece.
In fact, there are multiple variations on this costume to accommodate different size dormice. See the March Hare pics as well (more fleece you can mix and match).
OR you can use a waistcoat for the dormouse – or your own dressing gown. The fleece trousers are great if you need to costume any other small mammals.
4 pairs of elasticated fleece trousers: Waist 56cm/22″ – 92cm/36″
1 fleece gown Chest 86cm/34″
A furry hat with small mousey ears
3 fleece scarves

The March Hare – £30 – SOLD

I’ve always seen the March Hare in a strange array of mis-matched things – a smoking jacket or silk gown, or maybe a country gentleman look. What I have left of the various combinations created over the years is a colourful hat with long ears and a few fleece robes. There are various fleece trousers too. And other trousers I’ve found along the way. So, this lot really is a mismatched combination of things (hence the bargain price)!
(You can use some for Dormouse as well – or trousers for Mad Hatter)
Hat with ears
2 pairs of fleece trousers Waist 60cm/24″ – 80cm/32″
2 fleece robes Chest 84cm/33″
1 jacket (fancy dress) Chest 94cm/ 36″

Tweedledum & Tweedledee – £40

Simple cotton dungarees, bright (clownish) bowties and matching bowlers.
The dungarees are elasticated at the waist and spacious so you can belt them or pad them out.
2 pairs of dungarees Waist 74cm/29″ to 92cm/36″
2 hats
2 bow ties
The Tweedles in the pic are about 5’6″ & costumes have evolved since this was taken.

The Red & White Knights £40 for both

If you stray into ‘Looking Glass Wonderland’ you may need all sorts of extra Kings, Queens and Knights.
The Red & White Knights (who famously fight over who has captured Alice) have tabards, belts, chain mail and helmets. The chain mail is a standard fancy dress one, the helmets are decorated beanies. Tabards are cotton.

Red Queen and Red King – £50 for both – SOLD

These characters are based on the Chess pieces in ‘Looking Glass’. So, we went for a simple look. You can, of course, dress them up however you wish. Some people use these for the Queen & King of Hearts instead of the Cards.
Tabard, belt and cloak in red velvet with fancy trim.
Long red dress, ‘fur’ trimmed over dress and red turban
Dress: Chest 86cm/34″ but has a LOT of stretch; Waist 68cm/ 27″ also has stretch

All the Kings Horses and all the King’s Men… £20 – SOLD

More ‘Looking Glass’ characters – again based on the game of chess.
The White King organises his army to put ‘Humpty’ back together again. This may, or may not, be in a script you’ve ever seen, but it was in mine.
We made 12 white tabards for the ‘men’ (pawns) and 10 tabards for the ‘horses’. They aren’t very different! No belts. They come with 12 white ‘helmet’ beanies for the men. The horses had ponytails (of course).
I did have a White Queen and King, but they appear to have gone walkabout. Although there is a White velvet cloak I’ll include!

The Mock Turtle – £40 – SOLD

Green and purple for the Mock Turtle…
Requires long sleeved purple top (I have one I can add in fact) – or green if you prefer.
3 purple hats – 2 swimming caps and one turban
One sequinned top Chest 72cm/28″ (some stretch)
2 pairs of wet-look shiny leggings size 8/10 (ish)
One turtle shell – worn like a backpack.