Flappers, Hoods, the strange and fantastical…

We specialise in BUGSY MALONE costume and splurge gun hire.
We also costume ALICE IN WONDERLAND.
We’ve been known to create steampunk Peter Pan costumes, punk-Elizabethan costumes, punk variations on anything costumes, gothic costumes, ghostly costumes, Victorian steampunk costumes. Plus fairies and pirates – just because…

Bugsy Pics

Courtesy of York Musicals, Greenacres School, Dublin Musicals and Offbeat Theatre @ The Conquest Youth Theatre

Wonderland and Beyond

Courtesy of Retford Youth Theatre (Alice/Peter Pan) and Offbeat Theatre (Alice/James and the Giant Peach)

Give us a shout if anything interests you or if you have a show that requires something strange and wonderful and would like some help!