Ghost Hunters

NOTE: This post is something I wrote a few years back about another totally immersive experience (for me that is – some things take over). We used a couple of sets in different rooms for Act I and Act II. It was creepy, spooky and as ‘offbeat’ as they come…

The final week is upon us and I can honestly say, I’m a tiny bit worn out. What with the demands of life (extra ones at present, but that’s by the way), and everything that a show demands if you really want to go the extra mile, it takes its toll. Not that I’m complaining, I love the extra mile. In fact, I don’t consider it extra at all, which means that there’s another one after the one I don’t count as extra. There really is no stopping. If you want to get the best result you can possibly get you just keep going until the first night. And then a bit more …. Anyway, Jim Rolt popped along and took some pics of Act I yesterday. We had only just got to a point where the ‘venue’ (which is a lovely old school) had emptied itself of children so we could get on with the important set building tasks. One of my favourite moments. The pics here are some of the best. Above is a seriously creepy moment where Mr Quill (played by Mark Cox) appears completely unaware he is being watched ….

Some people make quite a big deal about trying to communicate
Some people make quite a big deal about trying to communicate

Others prefer to actively court communication with the ‘others’. Miss Divine is played by Ness Thomas and, according to her, she is a ‘sensitive’. Or is she? The problem with ‘Ghost Hunters’ is it isn’t always easy to tell who is doing what, when and how (don’t even think about ‘why’). But we are talking other dimensions here, so I see no reason why it should be.

Shadow acting? Is he even there?
Shadow acting? Is he even there?

Our ‘Ghost Hunters’ are Mr Quill (mentioned above), Mr Trump, played by Hugh Farey and Mr Keane, played by Josh Herriott. Yes, they are silly names aren’t they. There is a reason for that. Although by the time you get to a point where you might realise what it is, ‘reason’ may feel rather a long way from you. I will, of course, be writing some helpful programme notes (‘scuse me while I try to stop giggling at the very thought). No, really, I will. I’m going to get on it right away in fact.

Mr Creak. Rather superior, or so he would have you believe.
Mr Creak. Rather superior, or so he would have you believe.

There are other characters. Miss Divine we have met already, we hope she will turn out to be quite a boon. Mr Creak, on the other hand, places far too much emphasis on his walking stick and his large book. An authority? Who knows. We are reliably informed that Miss Divine and Mr Creak are there to assist the Ghost Hunters in their work. Really? Ummmmmm, we shall see.

Mr Keane displays the new badges...
Mr Keane displays the new badges…

Mr Keane loves his stories about ghosts and .. he seems very proud of the new badges that have been issued for the ‘Department’. Someone from the office thought it would be a good idea. You never know when someone from the office might pop in. It’s just a shame there aren’t more chairs. Hold on to that idea about chairs, they’re a bit of an issue at moments.

Red people dancing. That's it, that's all you get.
Red people dancing. That’s it, that’s all you get.

And there are even MORE characters than that! Above you might just make out three red people dancing. What else can I tell you? Not much I’m afraid. I’d like to, but I just can’t. However, the music when they come on is gorgeously sad and tormented … thank you Kevin Macleod of – a generous composer who makes loads of his work available (royalty free) for theatre, videos, films – anything that requires it. I’ve used his music throughout – as I have done for many other productions.

Mr Trump and his listening device
Mr Trump and his listening device

Finally, (as far as pics go), Mr Trump and his listening device. Don’t ask.
I’ve written a few notes for the programme (told you I would) and I thought I might share them with you. Deep breath …
If you have ever looked up into the night sky and allowed your mind to ponder on the huge vastness of existence, and maybe even wondered what life is all about, (why am I here?), you will understand the futility of trying to find an answer based on the very limited things you already know. But, what else can you do? Try to extend your knowledge and understanding? Retreat to/behind/within the things you know? Maybe the issue doesn’t concern you..
WARNING. Potentially pretentious sentence coming up ….
Ghost Hunters is a strange beast. I don’t think of it as having a linear progression – a beginning, middle and end (although it does) – it’s more like a heartbeat .. a moment where everything is drawn into an inner sanctum before being pushed away to the outer reaches, only to be pulled back in a moment later.
Sorry, but I did warn you. Does that help? Probably not .. Well, there is always the storm.