May Contain Nuts!

A one act play by Barbara Hockley

Why perform ‘Nuts’?

  • One act of daft madness
  • Pirates and vampires (seriously)
  • Fake facial hair, wigs and silly props
  • Pirates
  • LOTS of ridiculous characters that aren’t pirates
  • Silly sword fighting
  • Medium/large versatile casting (multi-roling)
  • Easy to stage and costume
  • Why not? Really…why would you not want this much fun?

Who is it for?

  • School productions
  • Youth theatre productions
  • Age guide: 13+ ideal. Younger is ok (you judge!).
Vampires (told you)


Anything. Really… We have performed it outdoors and on stage with minimal sets. You can add whatever you wish, but it’s great to keep it inventive and create some of the ‘set pieces’ with your cast (at last, they get to be trees).

Pirates (told you) and a poet with a large nose

How did ‘Nuts’ happen?

Good question. It was written by Barbara Hockley, who was running a youth theatre and needing something funny and relatively short to perform at outdoor festivals. Later, transferring it to the theatre as well. Sometimes you just need to have some fun.

Drama (and pirates).

Is there a plot?

I’m not sure you could really call it a ‘plot’, but things do follow other things – and it does reach a conclusion. It starts with Henry, our hero, trying to write a story. But his story runs away with him and (this will surprise you), they go in search of pirates and treasure. It’s an adventure that embraces many strange and wondrous places and characters. And then there is Jane – who escapes from Henry’s rather bland imagination in search of a better story. You really need to give it a read…

More characters (who aren’t pirates) having a spiffing adventure
At last. A use for all those handbags and shawls

Our Seniors have just performed ‘May Contain Nuts’ in our annual Showcase. The show was amazing & everyone enjoyed themselves. ‘May Contain Nuts’ was a roaring success…

And, finally. Pirates.