The Frog King

The Frog King Offbeat Theatre

A full length play by Barbara Hockley

Brilliantly bonkers
Magically silly
Divinely bonkers
Hilariously bonkers
Fantastic fun!
Perfectly nuts! Loved it

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Reasons to perform The Frog King

  • Seriously good fun to perform for teenagers – adults
  • Really excellent fun to watch
  • Offers a good imagination workout
  • As simple or elaborate to stage as you like

Who should perform it?

  • Anyone over the age of 13 as a rough guide
  • Schools / youth theatres / adult theatre

Sometimes, when you set out to write a ‘fairytale-type’ adventure, the story just runs away with you and does its own crazy thing. So it was with The Frog King. It was an Offbeat Theatre production in 2017 and an innocent property owner had allowed to use part of an old building (an old school) to convert into our ‘stage’ for the show prior to renovation. It was unusual in that he allocated us what had been a classroom block… So, undeterred I designed a show around four different performance areas and interconnecting corridors. A castle throne room, stone corridors leading to magical forests, a witch’s cottage in the woods, a bizarre ‘lost and found’ and ‘The Frog Inn’ all became permanent sets and the actors and audience moved around them as the action dictated. It was a magical experience.


You can, of course, stage it however you wish! Bare stage, elaborate sets, revolving stages, outside … wherever your imagination and budget can take you. The action takes place in:
The Frog Inn
The Castle Throne Room
The ‘Lost and Found’
The Witch’s Cottage in the Deep Dark Wood
Nothing that can’t be easily produced on one stage.

The Plot

There really is a plot – albeit totally off-the-wall bonkers.
A storyteller has been creating havoc in fairytale-land, by making up alternative endings. This has put a lot of characters out of a job and the ‘Grand Inquisitor’ of the Story Correction Unit of the Plot Enforcement Department of the Storytellers’ Guild has found the culprit. Now they must venture into Fairytale-land itself, to try and put at least one tale right. They arrive in the story of ‘The Frog Prince’, where all is not as it should be…
That’s the easy bit. From there the characters get lost, found, change, morph, fall in love, create new jobs for themselves, find new tales to be part of – and the storytellers are in deep trouble trying to keep track of events (not to mention the audience). The question of ‘can they put the tale right?’ is eventually overshadowed by ‘will they manage to get out of fairytale-land?’ And if they do… who will they be?

Characters & Casting

Chester Ulysses Wordsmith – a storyteller
Grand Inquisitor Bardman – top man at the Story Correction Unit
The KIng
The Queen
The Princess
The Frog King
The Nurse
The Maid
Two Guards
Various extras in the Frog Inn

Originally performed by adults + a small princess, but you can cast as you wish. It’s fine for school, youth groups or adults. I would suggest a minimum age of around 13 as a guide.

YOU CAN BUY THE SCRIPT FOR £7 or read the whole thing online

The Frog King – Well… I have never seen anything like it. Totally wacky and brilliantly written.
I just had the pleasure of going to watch this awesome show and I cannot recommend it enough. The set design on it’s own is breathtaking but the amazing performances and technical design have brought the whole thing together to create something hilarious, unique and completely nuts.
Amazing experience
Crazy storytellers
Fabulous! Very funny
Deliciously mad – I wish I could live in fairytale-land!
Quirky – fab – different

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